This website was created to aid in the cause of safer pet travel.

It is a personal website that was formed after the tragic loss of our own dog on an airplane back in 2004. The autopsy results showed carbon monoxide poisoning. There are really two issues here. One is about animal rights. The other is about carbon monoxide on airplanes. With respect to animal rights, we are trying to have the laws changed for safer pet travel in Canada. The process is ongoing. If someone finds himself or herself in a similar situation, it is hoped that the information and links found here would help them to find some solace that at least an effort has been made to change the system. I truly hope a future reader of this website can pick up the cause where we have left off. This website is for them. We provide our story with links here. With respect to carbon monoxide on airplanes, we have no answers and nobody seems to want to address this. What we have found is provided in links below.

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